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Jessica Reyes-Pacetti

Make-up artist Jessica Reyes-Pacetti is no stranger to breaking news. She is a regular feature backstage at KTLA 5 News Los Angeles (a CW affiliate), where she has worked since 2009. After graduating from MUD’s Los Angeles Campus in 2005, Jessica has established a thriving business that includes freelance work on weddings, as well as film and television credits on some of today’s hottest shows. 

When Jessica first discovered her passion for make-up, she had no idea that she would one day become a regular backstage at the nightly news. Why? She was only eight years old. “My aunt was staying with us and I would ask to do her make-up every night,” she says. “After three months, she [said], ‘You can’t do it anymore. You’ve used up all of my make-up.’” Nevertheless, the spark was kindled for Jessica. After high school, it inspired her to work at MAC and study at MUD, where she graduated in 2005. 

Jessica says: “My start at Make-Up Designory helped me with my basics. When [I left], I had such confidence because I knew people would look at the MUD name and know that I came from great training. I felt I was taken more seriously.”

Jessica quickly parlayed that confidence into a bustling career working as a freelance make-up artist for television shows like Dancing with the Stars (ABC) and Dr. Pimple Popper (TLC), in addition to working with celebrities like Nick Lachey. Her break at KTLA came about after her father, a cameraman, introduced her to the main make-up artist at the station. She says, “Working one day a week on the evening news was a great start to my career. I joined the union and have gotten to meet a lot of fun and amazing people.” She adds: “TV make-up is very different than print or red carpet make-up. When you are in the studio and have the bright lights on, all the make-up disappears. My motto is, the more the better. I love a glamorous make-up where it stands out. Blended eyeshadow is a must and always lashes.” 

In addition to her work on KTLA, Jessica runs a freelance business doing make-up for weddings. She particularly enjoys giving stressed-out brides a moment of calm confidence when they sit in her chair and realize everything is going to be OK. 

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