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After completing Level I, the student may progress into more advanced areas of make-up. At this level, students will be exposed to areas of fashion, print, film, television and bridal make-up applications. The completion of the Level II Make-up Artist Certification allows students to transfer to the main campus program, and may act as a substitute
for Beauty 101: Fundamentals of Make-up.





126 hours

Pre-education required


 4000 €

Inc. kit / retail value: 1600 €


1080 € per module

In this program
we will cover

This specialization program consists of four modules- Airbrush, Bridal, Studio and High Fashion Make-up Trends. Step by step completion of the those courses provides the best way to learn and practice new techniques. Remember, those are fours major fields which let you freely design the best looks in professional make-up artistry.


Airbrush course will provide techniques required for flawless make-up to be applied on the face and a high-definition effect with fantastic coverage. 


With a focus on the world of weddings, our Bridal course makes the student capable of creating a perfect bridal look with a clear and professional counselling plan for the bride and her family.


During the Studio course we will guide and prepare you for the make-up required in the world of high-definition cameras, cinemas and television sets. 


High Fashion Make-up Trends is one of the most creative modules and allows you, as a make-up artist, to be truly innovative with your make-up projects related to the world of fashion. 

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