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Once a student completes Level I and Level II they may continue their education with an in-depth course on hairstyling and begin the process of building their professional portfolio. The completion of the Level III Make-up Artist Certification is designed to prepare students with real-world experiences and a well-rounded education that prepares them for a career as a makeup artist. In addition, the student is allowed to transfer to a main campus program, and this certification level may act as a substitute for Beauty 101: Fundamentals of Make-up.



105 hours

Pre-education required


 4000 €

Inc. kit / retail value: 1455 €


2400 €  for Hairstyling
2250 € for Portfolio 

In this program
we will cover

This specialization program is consisting of two modules: 


The Essentials of HairstylingPortfolio Development and

Hairstyling skills are fundamental for a make-up artist who wants to work fully in the professional world. During the Essentials of Hairstyling course, we will teach you the techniques that will allow you to push your limits and achieve maximum hair styles.

Continuing with Portfolio Development you will be introduced to the world of fashion business, with a practical photoshooting part. Our great team of fashion professionals: instructor with established experience in the fashion business, fashion photographer, stylist, models for each student and art director will guide you through this amazing process and help you to create your first professional photo book.

With theory and intensive practice, this program will enable you to combine fantastic hairstyles with make-up to create the perfect style in every situation, especially important skills for bridal, fashion, TV and film make-up.

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