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48 Oderberger Straße
Berlin, 10435

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MUD Studio Germany.

International zertifizierte Ausbildungen zum Make-Up Artist in Berlin. Make-up Education from on of the leading schools world wide.

Masterclass 2018

Breaking into the industry

2 day masterclass with international Art Director, Hair & Make-up Artist Gunnar Schendera

17.11.-18.11.18 at MUD Studio Berlin


Breaking into the industry

2 Day Masterclass with
international Art Director, Hair & Make-up Artist Gunnar Schendera

17.11.-18.11.18 at MUD Studio Berlin

We are proud to present this in depth 2 day workshop with Gunnar Schendera to our graduates. In his workshop, Gunnar will tell you all you need to know, to get you "IN" the fashion and beauty industry. He will start with the history of our field - where does it all come from, where did it start - and - who were the big trendsetters, that changed the world into the one, we see today. this will help you, to train your eye and mind, to recognize trends and be a first adapter - and so become a standout artist. He will focus in this part especially on the importance of hairstyling abilities, share his tricks on working with wigs and extensions, because hair is often the most complex part of the whole look.

Next he will give you detailed knowledge about the intricate dynamics on a set - who is who, who is the one you should be listening to - and to whom not.
To understand this multi-billion dollar industry - you need to know how agencies (model / artist agencies), advertisement agencies, and photo-representatives operate. and what is the difference between the different job titles, like  „ booker“ , art-buyer and so on.

This will drive home one of the major points: Talent is not everything! Clever networking, attitude on jobs and how to get the right working papers (visa, permits, etc...) is the key to become an internationally recognized artist. 

Gunnar will also talk about how to deal with occurring challenging situations on set. Photographers, models, wind machines, sandy beaches and art directors, that change their minds last minute.

You will learn how to streamline your portfolio, what looks are missing, where to concentrate on.  (Each participant needs to present his/her portfolio and will get helpful feedback). In group tasks, you will learn how to analyze current campaigns, to train your eye on what works and why - and what not. You will also learn, which effort was undertaken, to create this campaign (budget, time frame, permits ...) - to give you a better knowledge, how you could be one day the senior MUA on a set like this.

Last but not least, Gunnar will give you detailed knowledge how to negotiate your own rates, how to deal with agencies, what is the industry standard and how to act professional and sell yourself in an authentic way.

For all of you, who are prepared to work hard on following their dreams - this is the workshop for you!

date: 17.11. - 18.11.18 (9:00-16:00 each day)

location: MUD Studio Berlin

price: 249 EUR


About Gunnar:


Born in Germany, Gunnar Schendera is an international hair and make-up artist. After finishing business school he travelled to Italy to study his craft in preparation for what has become a very successful career. Since 1994, Gunnar has been working as a hair and make-up artist for some of the best-known brands and celebrities in the world and has collaborated with countless photographers to create beautiful editorial images. Today he makes his home in both the United States and Europe, working between LA, New York, Miami and Berlin. Gunnar's work also includes art direction for international fashion magazines. His campaigns include commercials for Anna Sui, Montblanc, and other well-known names.


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date: 17.11. - 18.11.18 (9:00-16:00 each day)

location: MUD Studio Berlin

price: 249 EUR