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48 Oderberger Straße
Berlin, 10435

030 23906900

MUD Studio Germany.

International zertifizierte Ausbildungen zum Make-Up Artist in Berlin. Make-up Education from on of the leading schools world wide.


Special Effects

Special Make-up Effects - SFX - Our team of professional makeup artists will walk you through the process of applying and properly coloring prosthetics or other injuries whether they are translucent or opaque.

Special Make-up Effects (70 hours) 

This  new! in depth course starts with out-of.the-kit effects that are the staple of professional make-up artists. Learn their craft in a hands-on course that covers two-dimensional and three-dimensional techniques to simulate injuries and other effects. In addition, learn how to apply the latest materials used by prosthetic make-up artists. Our instructor will walk you trough the process of applying and properly coloring foam gelatin prosthetics appliances, silicone GFA`s foam latex prosthetic appliances and Prosaide transfers.

 Injury Unit - Week 1

  • create bruises with proper stippling technique
  • demonstrate how to create two-dimensional scrapes and scratches with black stipple sponge or brush
  • create cuts, lacerations using silicone compound
  • create first, second and third degree burns and to combine them into a gruesome look
  • apply raised keloid scars
  • apply bullet entrance and exit wounds
  • pass FX practical exam

Prosthetic Unit - Week 2

  • learn about the history and innovation of prosthetic make-ups
  • apply a foam gelatin prosthetic nose in 60 min
  • apply silicon GFA facial prothetic in 90 min
  • apply Preside Transfer prothetic appliance
  • pass the prothetic practical exam
  • apply multi-piece silicone GFA prothetic make-up in 2.5 hours

Who can attend: you need to have at least our Beauty Essentials (Level 1) OR you work! as a make-up Artist for a couple of years. 

SFX Kurs Kit