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48 Oderberger Straße
Berlin, 10435

030 23906900

MUD Studio Germany.

International zertifizierte Ausbildungen zum Make-Up Artist in Berlin. Make-up Education from on of the leading schools world wide.


Artist Workshops

Sep 2017,  by Chloe Waldorf and Hungry, two renowned Drag Queens and visual Artists from Berlin

In collaboration with two of the most artistic, exciting and cutting edge visual artists of their field, Chloe Waldorf & Hungry, we present our annual Artist Workshop. This year we encourage you to take your skills beyond what is common and expected.

As conceptual artists and Drag Queens - Chose Waldorf and Hungry (MUD Graduate) will share their vision of a possible "next level imagination of reality“. Paint your world as you want it to be, don’t limit yourself to what you done already hundred times. This 3 day workshop (Date: 25.9.-27.9.2017, each day 10:00 - 17:00) will extend your ability to translate your creative vision into existence.

Workshop Day 1: Femme Drag

The Masterclass for dramatic drag dreams. Taking traditional Drag Make Up one step further and creating a fantasy of hyper femininity, Chloe Waldorf will be illustrating one of her alluring and camera ready Drag Make Up looks, while Hungry will be leading through the process.

The artists will see and understand evey step of intricate drag make up, followed by a hands on workshop with special focus on brow coverage and reinvention and placement of a strong Drag brow.

Workshop Day 2: Distorted Drag

The Masterclass for ethereal enigmas. Taking alternative Drag & Club Kid Make Up one step further and creating an avant garde artwork, Hungry will be illustrating one of her original and next level Distorted Drag Editorial looks, while Chloe Waldorf will be leading through the process.

The artists will learn about unusual placement and balance of paint and prosthetics, followed by a hands on workshop with special focus on extreme drag contouring as well as character contouring.


Workshop Day 3: Personalisation

The final day of the workshop will be full hands on. Models and a variety of supplies will be provided for the artists to use the influences and translate them into their own character design, while Hungry and Chloe will assist and guide. In the afternoon the final results will be professionally photographed. Each artist will get two face shots for their portfolio.


Date: 25.9.-27.9.2017, each day 10:00 - 17:00
Location: MUD Studio Berlin
Price: 1260 EUR

Maximum 8 participants. First come, First serve. We teach in English.
To enroll or to get more information and ask questions - please contact us directly.

the Kit

The price includes a Kit (retail value of 267 EUR), that you will receive, with products that are featured during the workshop days.
It covers also the photo shot on last day. Here you will get two face shots of the look you developed on that day (on a model that we provide as well). 
We also provide the materials you will very likely NOT have in your kit, as for instance TV-Paint Sticks, Sealer, deco material for the Editorial look,...  and such.

What you need to bring - beside your brushes & standard make-up set bag - we will let you know shortly before the must have items you will need.

IMPORTANT: this specialty workshops is aimed at already experienced Make-up Artists or MUD graduates. No Beginner Workshop!

here you can meet Chloe & Hungry and some of their looks:

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